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Bira 91 values

  • High Performance

    Drive constantly towards success as a team, and celebrate when achieved.

  • Ownership

    Take personal ownership of actions and commitments, and be actively engaged.

  • Transparency

    Seek to continuously refine processes and break down internal barriers.

  • Consumer Experience

    Take pride in the brand and quality, thereby delighting the customers.

  • Meritocracy

    Build an environment where success depends solely on performance.

  • Freedom

    Value openness and the curiosity to learn.

  • Passion to Build

    Possess the passion to build an energetic and fun work culture.

  • Agility

    Take volatile and complex situations head-on, proactively.

  • Irreverence

    Respect and value all individuals irrespective of the diverse backgrounds.

About us


A refreshingly modern beer brand, imagined in India, Bira 91 aspires to bring flavorful beers to the new world. 

As one of the fastest growing beers in the world, Bira 91 has built a strong portfolio of essential beers and aims to drive the global shift in beer towards more colour and flavor. 

Established in the summer of 2015 by B9 Beverages and headquartered in New Delhi, Bira 91 has quickly become the rage amongst urban millennials owing to its delicious beers, bold identity and a strong draft network. In 2017, Bira 91 leaped across to New York City to begin its campaign in the United States. And in 2018, the brand started on its wider expansion in the Asia Pacific market by entering Singapore.


In less than three years, Bira 91 is now in the top 25 craft beer brands worldwide by sales volume and the fastest growing beer brand in the world (growing 5x in 2017). 
The company now operates four breweries in India, and has offices in nine cities including New York City. Bira 91 is backed by Sequoia Capital and Belgium’s Sofina Capital.

It has a passionate team of over 600 beer lovers who have only one goal – to change the world of beer and beer for the world!

Crafted with the creative urban drinker in mind — someone who likes to have fun and doesn’t take life (or beer) too seriously, the brand aims to disrupt the global beer world with 21st century technology and its playful monkey mascot.

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Brand story

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    A short name that effortlessly rolls off your tongue, Bira evokes a sense of familiarity to the Punjabi word for “elder brother” and the Bengali word meaning “the brave one”. It is also cleverly global in the sense that it sounds familiar to a variety of world cultures. The ‘91’, country code of India, is a homage to our roots.

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    Our mascot is representative of everything the brand stands for. A tropical creature that resonates with the rest of the world, it is fun-loving, original and remarkably social.

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    Refreshingly modern beers, imagined in India to unleash our inner-self – that playful, friendly, smart, and slightly odd creature that is inside all of us.