Hot Stuff

Hello hotheads! We’re here and we hear you.
From this moment on, Bira 91 is bringing you all things spice – chillies, heat, fiery foods, bites that burn. We’re going to show you what makes India the chilli bowl of the world, we’re going to help you seek the heat, we’re going to push your endorphins to the edge, and we’ll give you the cold Bira 91 you’ll need after each hot bite. Get ready to get geeky about the Guntur, looped into the Lavangi, plugged into the Pottikayalu.

Beer and spice go back way longer than we’d guess. In 3200 BC, when the ancient Egyptians were drinking litres of the fermented brew – each pyramid builder got four to five litres a day – they added all manner of flavours to beer, including spice. What we’re keener to talk about here and now, is how a Kanthari keeps a cold Bira 91 company. Beer can both beat and build the burn that chillies bring. A sweet or malty beer will provide relief, while crisper lagers, or big, bubbly, bitter hops will feed the heat. Carbonation sets off the same sensors that chillies light up, so if you are real heat-seeker, swig some ale after your achaar.

Beer and spicy food have been described as “warring siblings, egging each other on”. Did you know that there is festival in San Francisco specifically to pair spicy foods and IPA? It’s called Hop As Hell. Would you have guessed that India has over 10,000 varietals of chilli with names like Jwala, Hungarian Wax, Bullet, and Bugayati? Or that Nagaland – home of the Raja Mircha, the seventh hottest chilli in the world, about 400 times more spicy than Tabasco sauce – has a chilli eating competition, with a separate category for tourists? Also, there’s this – the world’s best known beer cocktail is a popular hangover remedy, and it involves pouring hot sauce into the beer. We’re going to talk about all of this here, and more.

Watch this space closely, Bira 91 is heating up.

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